Direction Outdoor Electronic Sensor-Signal Transmission System
Connected System
  CCD Camera, Infrared Detector, Projection Light, Wireless Burglar Alarm System, Control/Communicator Alarm System, Auto Dialer System
  Manufactory/Factory, Community, Villa, Private House, Military Restricted Area, Prison, etc.
System Description
  The Electronic Taut Wire Fence alarm System combines a physical taut wire barrier with a sensitive intrusion detection sensor network generates an alarm while the taut wires will be deflected, cut or climbed.
  Execute for signal communication that can connect alarm system, if a taut wire will be detected for cut, destroy, push, pull, and tear•••etc., trouble alarm system will be activated, it can reach the dual function for insulation and isolation.
1. Alarm Output:NO.NC
2. Detection Method:360° for any direction
(detect for cut, destroy, push, pull, and tear•••etc.)
3. Detection Length:50M
4. Material:Anti Ultraviolet Rays
5 Waterproof Level:IP65
6. Operation Temperature:-40℃~+75℃
7. Protection Shock Level:Double Circuit
8. Wire Material:SUS304 Stainless Steel
9. Wire Diameter:1~3mm
10. N.C opens when outside cover removed
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