ST-485PⅡ  Dual Zone Security Energisers

The energizer generates from 5000V to 8000V by the controller providing the electric conductor on fence with a pulse. The system activates an alarm while the electric fence will be cut, climbed or touched that can receive an electric shock.

The perimeter control system is detected on protective enclosure by 1 pulse/per second. The service condition will activate the internal buzzer for an alarm which includes the warning light and speaker output.

Keypad can program the central operating system from 700 ~ 8000V.
To set up by means of RS485 transmission.
Material: Anti Ultraviolet Rays.
The unit is made of high quality weather resistant material.
Pulse by 24 hours.
Detect by 60 times/per minute with a pulse.
Peak Pulse Voltage Maximum: 8000V
DC12V 4.5A Battery power supply time about 8 hours.
Pulse Cycle : ≧ 1s
Pulse Duration : ≦ 0.1s
Maximum Output Energy : 1.0J ~ 4.0J
Power supply and high voltage is in cut and short circuit for the function of activating an alarm (NO/NC/DC12V) automatically.
Voltage setup by remote control keypad.(0.7~8.0Kv)
Power input 220VAC/15VAC removed and tamper switch NC opens when cover removed: alarm output NC/NO
Protection: IPX4
Power Supply: AC230v 60Hz 20w
Current Maximum: 300mA
Fence Accessories
  A. SE-F301   B. SE-F302   C. SE-F303
  A. SE-F301
Screw-On Rod Insulator
  B. SE-F302
End Strain Insulator
  C. SE-F303
Reinforced rounded insulator
  D. SE-F304   E. SE-F701   F. SE-F704
  D. SE-F304
Wire leveling set
  E. SE-F701
Insulator connecting
  F. SE-F704
Arced-shape bar-holder stand
  G. SE-F704-2   H. SE-F705   I. SE-F706
  G. SE-F704-2
Round-bar holder
  H. SE-F705
Stainless steel round tube
  I. SE-F706
Wire connecting screw
  J. SE-F707   K. SE-F708   L. SE-F709
  J. SE-F707
In-line Tensioner
  K. SE-F708
Warning Sign
  L. SE-F709
U-shape wire-end set
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