ST-500 Intrusion Security System
System specification
  ST500 is a type of outdoor surrounding invasion detecting alarm system. The system comprises of a detector sensor and sensory wire. When sensory wire receives weak pressure and deformation from the surface or if an intruder breaks into its territory, it will cause an alarm. Under the connection of network system, to inform PC central controlling system on the spot.
Sensory wire can be buried into the ground consisting of soil, sand or clay. It lies horizontally under the ground to the depth of 10~15cm in parallel configuration.
The sensory area covers 190 square meters. It can also be stationed on a wire fence.
ST-500 sensory wire installation can follow a working area outline. The environment can be replaced to its former stage and the wiring covered to conceal its location.
When an intruder breaks in, attempts to damage wiring or processor, this action will cause alarm siren to activate.
This product is applicable to major premises, such as luxury residency, storeroom, prison, Arm Force Bases, natural gas reservoir areas, telecommunication station…etc. as a covert protection application.
Working Methodology
  Sensory wire comprises of a core wire, pressure sensor layer, cover layer, and outer jacket. The features to this wiring are sensing pressure and absorbing deformation.
Sensory wire can detect the weak pressure and absorbing deformation from the surface in accordance to on-the-spot requirement installation under the ground or station on metal wire mesh
When such waveforms and frequency reach siren parameter levels, sensor mainframe signals activate siren alarm immediately.
Structural infrastructure

Sensor Mainframe:
The sensor mainframe undergoes sent-back vibration parameter signals transmitted from the sensory wire, and alerts to the abnormal situation.
Sensory mainframe outputs from the NO/NC junction and mechanically transmits to the siren mainframe in the surveillance room. This realizes the functions of auto-detection, auto-controlling, auto-analogous eavesdropping, and electrical map display into reality.

Parameter signal transmission wire:
Parameter signal transmission wire is the device to activate transmission signals to the sensory mainframe. This device inputs vibration parameter signal into sensory mainframe from the sensory wire. It is the bridge connecting the sensory mainframe and sensory wire.

Sensory wire:
sensory wire is a point sensor device that is a dispersed special wire laying underground, it can be treated as detector sensor. It can transfer minor mechanical vibration in the protection area (i.e. minor vibration from the intruder) into telecommunication parameters and transmit to the sensor mainframe to serve the purpose as detection application requirements permit.


Max. Security Length for Fence/Wall:200M / 400M
Number of Sensing Sectors:2
Max. Security Area: 200㎡
Number of Sensing Sectors:1
Output Alarm:Relay / Sound
Adjustable threshold level:99 levels
Sensing PERIOD adjustment:99 Seconds
System alarm initiation counts:99 counts
Rated Voltage:110∼230 V/AC
Operating Temperature Range:
–10 ℃~+70 ℃ for Sensors
–15 ℃~+70 ℃ for Sensing Cable
Consumed Power:≦15W
Max. Pull for Cable:70N
Installation Depth:10∼15cm
Cable Diameter:4mm

Sensing Deployment Underground
Fence type

System Structure

Typical System Structure
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